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Why a Solterra Home?

 Solterra’s Goals:


  • Provide an independent living environment respectful of the dignity and quality of life for each individual owner within a shared community of private bedrooms with en suites
  • Encourage active member participation in the everyday life of the house, and facilitate mutual support and respect for individual differences
  • Initiate involvement within the home and in the larger community
  • Provide quality assurance practices to maintain the highest standards of care and attention to detail in our homes, properties, and services
  • Provide a secure living environment

Co-owner Benefits:

  • Co-owners are better able to “age at home” using home care initiatives as outlined by Ministry of Health
  • Solterra promotes independents and encourages healthy social interaction to improve overall well-being
  • Co-owners self-govern, self-direct, and control all aspects of the ownership model
  • Shared household costs reduce individual expenses resulting in a higher standard of living
  • The potential need for subsidized government funding is delayed


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