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What does the selection process look like?

 The Solterra Co-Housing Selection Process

There are specific key elements that are necessary to the success of a Shared Home Ownership solution:

At the beginning of the process, we invite interested applicants to an information session and tour. Potential owners will have an opportunity to meet with the Solterra management team and existing owners. We then require that each applicant complete a detailed questionnaire that outlines his or her preferences. This will assist Solterra management in locating a suitable Shared Home Ownership opportunity in the geographic area of choice. We will then interview the applicant(s) in their own home to begin the LifeStyle Screening process. Solterra has established this process to ensure that individual needs and interests of potential owners are compatible with other members of the selected household. We will also collect medical information at that time, for review by qualified Solterra staff with a goal to identifying support requirements.

Before finalization of purchase, new owners must agree to an established set of terms and conditions that govern the ownership perimeters within the home.

Once a new owner takes up residence, he or she becomes part of the “House Committee” working in cooperation and as an equal voting member with other owners in the household. Working within established, common guidelines, the committee may enhance or modify the house rules to meet the unique interpersonal dynamic within the home. Solterra can provide suggestions and help to facilitate this process if required.

In addition, each applicant must appoint a sponsor before finalizing ownership; a trusted relative, friend or professional adviser who can assist with decisions concerning health or safety, as required.

Co-housing Selection Process Poster

These are the steps broken down:

1. General ICOR Application

We start with a general application – easy questions like who you are – your contact information and who your POA is and who are your emergency contacts. The rest of the application questions are general questions about where you want to live, in town out of town, with smokers, with pets, with men and women, or only women or men only? What features are important to you in your home? Do you love to feed the birds, garden, paint, cut the grass or fix your car. Do you require a lot of storage and will you be able to downsize on your own and how much help do you need to make this move?. Do you own a home now? Will it have to be sold beforehand.. etc

2. Medical Needs Assessment

The second part of the application process is about your medical needs. What services do you need and what services do you want? For example, are you still able to dress and can you bath yourself, are you mobile, what disabilities are you having (hearing, seeing, ability, agility, memory) what type of food do you like, do you have dietary needs, are you interested in participating in the management of the home? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you interested in volunteering? Are you active in clubs, organizations and do you drive?

All of these questions may appear unnecessary but, it helps our House Coordinator determine if we are the right fit for your needs.

3. In-Home Interview

Finally, our House Coordinator will come and visit you in your home to meet with you and your family members to be sure we have answered all your questions and to discuss final details. All this will help us determine the suitability of shared living for you and your family.

4. Visit the other Co-Owners

Next we will encourage you to visit with the other co-owners, share a meal, stay over night or better still move in on a “Try before you Buy” option. Pay rent for the first few months to see if our shared home works for you and if it does and you are happy we will proceed with the purchase for your new shared home. Change is tough at this age we understand that. We are here to help and will do whatever we can to support your needs.

5. Should you rent or buy – what is right for you?


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