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The Solterra Team

 Shelley Raymond, President of Solterra Co-Housing

Shelley P. Raymond is the President of Solterra Co-housing Ltd., Solterra In-home Support Services Ltd., and is the Broker of Record of her own real estate company, Solterra Realty Inc., Brokerage in Port Carling, ON.

In the early 1980s Shelley was the Assistant General Manager of the Muskoka Lakes Navigation Company, which developed and managed operations for the newly restored S.S. Segwun. She went on to become the owner of the largest employment agency in Toronto, Active Home Services, where she brokered and coordinated 350 employees for babysitting, homemaking, convalescent care, cancer patient’s home support and live-in nannies.

Shelley later returned to her family’s business, The Severn River Inn, an 8-bedroom bed and breakfast with a 30 seat dining room and lounge. Exemplifies her understanding of the customer services and hospitality industry.

In 1995 Shelley published an informational guide, the “Handbook on How to Become an Air Traffic Controller,” which was distributed and sold across Canada. In 2005, she began publishing “Muskoka TradeSource” a construction directory with over 1000 trades and sub trades in the local area.

Prior to her career in real estate, Shelley launched two Kumon Math and Reading Centres which she successfully operated for 10 years.

Shelley’s background in personal services and hospitality uniquely positions her to understand the needs of her clientele, and her extensive business and managerial experience will contribute to the overall success of the Solterra team.

Shelley’s niche market is: Co-housing and Shared Homeownership

7K0A0597Shared Homeownership: the next generation of housing options in Canada. Whether it’s housing for seniors, people with disabilities, students, single families or the working poor everyone needs a safe affordable roof over their head. Shared Homeownership allows you to cluster together and share with friends, family or you can even recruit “like-minded” individuals from Multiple Listing Services (MLS) using our very creative selection process. Each co-owner purchases an interest in the shared home and together you create a community which ensures reduced expenses, reduced workload, increased feeling of security and improved well-being. Overall, it is a WIN WIN for everyone involved.

HomeSharing: enables a homeowner the opportunity to rent a room in their home, if they should need additional financial support and/or caregiving. We will assist with the application process, selection process, rules, guidelines and management of the match. We often have a permanent relationship with our homeowners to ensure they are safe in their home, and to ensure the renter and the homeowner match is successful for years to come.

 Gilbert T. Ludlow, Senior Project Manager: a licensed carpenter, inventor, and entrepreneur who has worked in the multi-million dollar construction industry in Muskoka for over 37 years. Gilbert has vast experience in residential construction and intimate knowledge of the Ontario Building Code, energy efficiency, solar, R2000 construction, and design.

Gilbert is the recipient of the Canadian Industrial Innovation Centre/Waterloo, 1993, 3rd annual Environmental Invention Contest for his high temperature SOLAR CONCENTRATION/COLLECTOR.

Gilbert will lead all of the renovation projects and oversee the construction teams, maintenance, and repair of our homes, ensuring top quality and workmanship.

  Leigh Maurer, R.N. Consultant: 25 years of experience in the health care industry. She has extensive experience in management, service coordination, and administration. Leigh has established excellent relationships with various community partners including physicians, long-term care nursing homes, retirement homes, and medical support services throughout Ontario.

 Sandra Raymond, Consultant: Registered Massage Therapist with 30 years experience in her active clinic in Toronto, ON