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Book, “All Under One Roof”, Manuals & Documents

Thinking of starting your own project? We can help. We offer assistance in development, sales and the homemaking component. Choose one or all.

“All Under One Roof”     Coming SOON

In 2009, Shelley starting writing her own story of her struggles to develop an alternative housing option in Ontario.  She was desperate to help her own dad and like many overwhelmed caregivers, Shelley struggling to find a way to help her loved one without interfering or taking over his life. With the support of her siblings and her husband, they endured the bullying, the abuse, the rumours from a community that said “NO WAY, not in this town.” 

J. Ross Raymond a professional engineer and planner was her first co-owner. He successfully lived in his shared home in Bracebridge, ON for 3 1/2 years prior to his passing in 2012. He loved his shared home. He lived with three other seniors who shared the household expenses, taxes and support services allowing them to continue living independently for thousands of dollars less then normal.

To read their story, the arguments, the concerns and “how to” grab a copy of this inspirational book of love and commitment.

Shared Housing Development Package includes: 

  • Consultation/presentation with Municipality, Planning department, Building department, Fire Department, Mayor & Council
  • Building & layout plans, renovation development & analysis, planning, and pricing structure
  • Consultation for Building Permit applications, site plan layout and building permit plans
  • Existing Legal documents including Co-Ownership Agreement and Agreement of Purchase and Sale and supporting set-up as needed.
  • Marketing, public presentations, Buyer presentations, Private sale Agreement of Purchase & Sale agreements and more….depending on your project and your needs.

Contact Us  Pricing is based on the project development and whether you are a licensed developer with Solterra or a single project developer.

Homemaking Care Component Package,

starting at $ 999.00 + HST (depending on needs and ongoing support required)

  • Including your own copy of the Service provider agreement, Policy & Procedures Manual & Agreements for Service, Property Management Manual, Sharing Guide, Best Practice Manual, Pre-selection/Match up process, “Try before you Buy” Option, accounting & administrative structure administrative support & bookkeeping set-up. PLUS Management and Staff Training & hiring support as needed.


  • NOTE: This package includes everything you need to start your own business in the support services industry except; the business training component necessary. 
    • Training includes a community needs assessment and resource data collection, one full week in class, one month developing your business model with an experienced “start-up business” facilitator and a second week in class training with the documents, manuals, agreements and FORMS
    • Training is offered and franchise opportunities do exist using the Solterra In-Home Support Services (SISS) model.

Contact Us for training locations, pricing and training requirements (Applications, references and minimum requirements do apply)

Marketing and Advertising Guide

$49.99 + HST

  • Marketing and Advertising your shared home is critical to ensure you find the right cluster of motivated individuals who understand your plan and your goals. Our marketing support and advertising guide outlines options available and gives you the opportunity to launch your product at a reduced cost. We will give you access to our graphic designers, brochures, flyers, announcements, media releases and project handbooks.
  • PLUS we will support your ongoing project, announce space available on our website and help you sell the suites. Pricing depends on services supplied.
  • The M&A Guide also includes hints and ideas in dealing with your local realtor for marketing suggestions.

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HomeShare Solution Guide & Tips

$59.99 + HST

Available SOON

HomeSharing Guide (HSS) for leasing and renting a room in your home.

  • The HSS Guide covers what is homesharing? The types of homesharing, community housing or is it a secondary suite you want to rent? What are the zoning issues and building code & fire code compliance issues? Have you thought about a screening process and an interview process. the HSS Guide offers helpful suggestions, ideas and what to expect and what to be aware of.
  • Understand the risks and your legal responsibilities. We will offer you sample lease agreements, applications for individuals seeking housing, reference checks FORMS and questions and tax and insurance information.
  • Understanding your rights and obligations is an important part of HomeSharing safely.

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Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Guide

$199.00 + HST

Available SOON 

  • This guide will help you as you resolve issues within the home. Sometimes issues arise that need further discussion.  We will offer your group ideas, a mediation process that works and we will help you understand the guidelines and build relationships with the parties. Our Mediation Guide will outline the terms, options, negotiations process, step by step, ethics, pointers, common errors and provide you with the forms needed to help you resolve the issue. A must have in any community living home.

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Public Presentation Support

  • You set up the venue, advertise your event and promote it throughout your community and with our support we will be there to present a wonderful exciting engaging presentation to get your project launched in style. We have designers, building code experts, builders, homemaking and nursing experts and lawyers to offer advice, information and support.
  • 3 hour presentations including set-up, 1 1/2 powerpoint presentation, question period and tear down
  • Pricing varies according to locations, travel time and staffing

Contact Us for your special presentation rate.

All packages include a 1 year ongoing support and membership into our online Facebook support group for one year.

JOIN our online community on our private Facebook group, ask questions, view online videos (as they become available), receive discounts for training and join the movement towards community housing and sharing to reduce expenses, maintain independence and control.

ONGOING Support – Monthly fee of $25 dollars, annual fee of $250.

However, for the month of November 2016 JOIN for FREE for 2 months

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