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Solterra Courses Offered in 2016

Community-building Facilitator  (9am – 4 pm)

In this one-day introductory course on our innovative retirement option for seniors we will outline the basics of the Solterra concept, identify what you should be considering to get a project going in your community and who the team members might be. We will review community needs assessment, statistics, Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) advance care planning options, benefits, municipal zoning, and planning issues and we will discuss title, tenants-in-common and the legal structure for a project in your community.

Co-housing is a fresh new outlook for housing in Ontario. Written in the May 2014 edition of Zoomer Magazine – “Could co-housing be the next generation of revolutionary retirement options for retirees?” Seniors own control and govern their own shared home – they share household expenses, taxes and together they hire a “house mom” to help with everyday living, including chores like shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and transportation. Imagine never having to move to a retirement home.

Your step-by-step plan will get you started along with the glossary of terms, pdf’s and lots of reading material so can become a knowledgeable advocate in your community. Understanding co-housing and the amazing benefits of this retirement option for seniors will get you and your group excited about a local project. We believe all it takes is the knowledge, a plan and a group of dedicated people to get your project up and off the ground. Sign up today for this introductory course.

Full day package for under 9 people $595 +HST

10-15 in your group $795 + HST

15-30 in your group $ 1350 + HST

More in your audience? Call for details on pricing.

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Living in a shared home – $49.99 (4 hours)


Are you considering moving into a co-owned home? You should understanding the terminology, what it means to live in a co-owned shared home, how to get in and how to get out safely. What are the rules & regulations best practice policies, expectations and requirements? Is there a selection process, mediation process and what are some tips and ideas to make your experience successful?

Rental Options

What about HomeSharing? What does that mean, what are the rules, regulations, agreements, leases, protections. Is there a selection process, how much does it cost and what is expected of me?

This course will review both options (ownership & rentals) and the living alternatives and arrangements. We will review to ensure you have considered all the issues before you run into complications and concerns.

For more information about this course, the locations and registration contact Contact Us

Franchise Opportunity Training – Call for details

The support services for our Solterra homes need individuals that are interested in self-employment and who are entrepreneurial. We will provide all the policy & procedures manuals, documents and information including the ongoing support to make your business successful. We will promote and support your growing business as we develop more and more projects throughout ON. For more information about our Franchise opportunities.