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Our Services

Coaching and Group Facilitation

Shared Living/Co-housing Coaching

ONE to ONE Coaching to help you get your project started.

1 hour session – $110

3 hour sessions – $295

6 hour sessions – $550

Our private sessions are available through Skype or telephone and we can offer you a membership into our private Facebook group allowing you to ask questions, get answers and advice.

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Community – building facilitator (GROUP)

We offer community project building workshops. One day events including lunch to give an overview of the co-housing model and to offer solutions for terminology, the legal structure, the selection process, homemaking steps and understanding, step by step guidance and frequently asked questions and more…..

Group rates up to 9 people is $595, 10-15 people $795 plus HST, 15-30 people $1350 plus HST

We also have qualified designers available to assist in renovation projects, new construction or measurements for your project needs.

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Any of our knowledgeable staff can provide you with information, guidance, or expertise on any, or all of these stages of the development.

Shelley Raymond—she is a leading expert on co-housing, shared homeownership, and HomeSharing.