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“The Artists’ Way” Village of Rosseau

6 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms Year Built: 2017

The Artists’ Way* – An Affordable Living Community in The Village of Rosseau

The Rosseau Culture and Arts Project (R’CAP) in partnership with Solterra Co-housing is pleased to announce “The Artists’ Way”, affordable co-owned living accommodations in the quaint Village of Rosseau situated on Lake Rosseau.  This unique project will consist of individual suites that lead into a common kitchen, living, laundry and other facilities. Still considered a single residential dwelling unit, co-owners will proportionally split the project’s day to day expenses such as heat, hydro and taxes.

At a time when cities are becoming unaffordable, both for purchasing and renting a home, our goal is to bring together artists from all disciplines and create a permanent and affordable living experience for years to come. As the residents of “The Artists’ Way” mature, living here will also provide an affordable solution to their health, social and living needs as these costs can also be shared.

Why artists? To begin, the Township of Seguin, where the Village of Rosseau is located, boasts about being declared “the most artistic” in the province, based on the number of artists per capita. As we move forward, we are seeing an increase in the artistic activities occurring in the region, everything from art galleries to music to the growing film industry. Unlike other professions, most artists don’t retire. They may however move into the more individual oriented disciplines such as writing or painting.  As the Village of Rosseau is already hosting a variety of artistic activities, the influence of the resident artists will add the to overall community. R’CAP will continue to provide opportunities for exhibits, showcases and performances.

So what age are the residents? Age is not the factor, but rather providing affordable accommodations for artists of all ages is our goal. Perhaps you are living in the city and concerned about your future standard of living, buying into “The Artists’ Way”now will ensure you’ll be able to live comfortably  in years to come. If you are a couple, by participating now before final plans are set, a larger suite may suit your needs. Suites will range in size and will be priced accordingly. They will be affordable. Although our priority is to have the suites owner occupied, we will consider buyers interested in purchasing and providing an artist with affordable accommodations while getting a return on their investment.

“The Artists’ Way” is self administered and final decisions are made democratically by the residents. Solterra Co-housing and R’CAP are separate, registered, non-profit organization whose role is to assist in the creation of “The Artists’ Way” only until all suites are sold. Residency at “The Artists’ Way” will automatically include lifetime memberships with R’CAP. This project is made possible by  a seed grant from Canada Mortgage And Housing. If you are interested in purchasing or long term renting a suite in “The Artists’ Way” please email or call Vince Grittani , executive director of R’CAP at 705-774-4487.

*The Artists’ Way in not associated with the highly regarded book by Julia Cameron but rather refers to the physical drive leading into the project. 

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