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How It Works

How co-housing works for home ownership

Residents share ownership of a home and all household costs. Each co-owner purchases an undivided percentage interest in the home and they are registered as a Tenant in Common on the title/deed. Together, Co-owners control all aspects of operating the entire home. Each resident contributes to, and is accountable for, household decisions, expenses, and taxes.

Each owner has private space that typically includes bed/sitting rooms with en suite. All residents share common areas of the home, including kitchen, dining, and sitting areas.

Solterra homes are suitable for individuals who appreciate the advantages of shared resources and community living and the value of ownership in real property.

In a Solterra home, owners participate in the planning, design, ongoing management, and maintenance of their shared residence.

Solterra’s Shared Ownership Guiding Principles provide a roadmap for joint decision-making. Regular household meetings are encouraged to ensure active participation of all owners. As members of the residential family, everyone has a voice in the decision-making process. In essence, your percentage interest and private space is a “home within a home”.

Stone house1Owners share the ongoing expenses for heat, hydro, taxes, water, sewage, propane, insurance, and general household costs. In addition, Solterra In-Home Support Services (SISS) is available for each home, should there be a need for a little extra care. SISS pre-screens, qualifies, and trains staff for: food shopping and preparation, housekeeping, and administering the household budget. SISS staff will also promote a healthy and safe environment, while remaining respectful of each owner’s privacy and property.

Each residential family has its own dynamic. Solterra facilitates the application and selection process to ensure that a new owner chooses the right home based upon his or her support needs and lifestyle choices. Solterra homes are suitable for healthy seniors who no longer want to live alone, or realize they require more assistance with daily living, but still want privacy and the value of ownership in real property.

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