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Co-Housing Benefits

 Reap The Benefits – What’s in it for you?:

Economic Benefits

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  1. An investment in real property ensures senior’s money stays in their pocket longer & historically real property increases in value over time
  2. Rental vs. ownership, rental is wealth diminishing whereas ownership is wealth building
  3. Maintaining property ownership maintains your contribution to the community and to society in general  – why? because you continue to pay your fair share of property taxes to a municipality and Solterra shared homes employ staff locally
  4. Sharing a Solterra home means each home is contributing to “Infill into existing housing stock” in the community and instead of one person living in one home the same home now has 4-6 people living in it.

This is better value for use:

a. What if: On a new purpose-built shared home project – multiple shared homes are built on one property which again reflects better use of the land, sewage systems, and costs.

b. New home construction projects hire the construction industry, and sub-contractors – thereby stimulating the economy

5. Delays the entry into Retirement homes & Long Term care facilities – saving the Canadian Taxpayer approx. $40 K per person per year. Reduces emergency 911 calls, improves well-being and ensures a safer environment for family and caregivers.

6. Cheaper to the Co-owner – instead of paying 100% of the costs of expenses and care they pay only their portion of the costs – Living for less!

7. On a Broader perspective – individuals (seniors) are taking responsibility for their own needs. The government doesn’t have the funds to give free care to all and in a shared home the seniors are paying more affordable costs and still getting the services they require thereby less impact to the CCAC and the health care system dilemma we are facing in Canada.

8. Multiple shared homes in a community cluster together and pay for one full time PSW or one nurse part-time (sharing the cost for care). Doctor’s can visit the shared homes and see more than one person better value for their time. Meaning we believe our homes will grow with the co-owner(s) and provide the necessary services to end of life.

Emotional Benefits

1. “Age at Home” with dignity

2. Self-governed by co-owners

3. Self-controlled by co-owners

4. Enables the seniors to stay in the community with friends and family

5. Reduces isolation & well-being and encourages social interaction

6. Maintains independence, dignity and self-respect

7. Maintains community linkages so they are not left out & forgotten

8. Provides support & relief to family and caregivers

9. Reduces chances of elder abuse by caregivers and family

10. Protects capital for use in private care – if and when they move to retirement homes and nursing homes.

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