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About the Home

  Solterra Co-Housing Offers:

  • Private Bedroom & Sitting Room and Ensuite
  • Shared amenities
  • Daily homemaking services, including meals, laundry, and help with medication
  • 100% worry free property maintenance
  • Shared ongoing expenses
  • Owner controlled meal planning
  • Enhanced home security & smart home technology
  • Community relationships
  • Organized activities, day trips, holidays
  • Independence, dignity and control


Who are the Co-Owners?

playing cardsSolterra shared residences are for healthy, independent, sociable seniors, people with disabilities, or independent individuals. Our homes offer privacy, security, comfort, and piece of mind for seniors who would prefer to live in a quality shared ownership residence, rather than living alone or in a retirement home or institution. Perhaps they seek companionship on their own terms and yet want to be able to withdraw and be alone when they need to be. Community living can prevent people from feeling lonely and isolated, and ensure a healthier overall well-being.

Our senior’s maintain continued control over their environment and finances. By promoting and encouraging their independence, we help to ensure that they continue to enjoy balance in their lives as they age.

About the Home

Solterra is developing shared homeownership properties throughout Ontario: in rural areas, in towns, and even on one of our beautiful spring-fed lakes. Our goal is to locate suitable homes that are within 10-20 minutes of local community amenities, shopping, and essential medical services.

All private suites will be 400-600 square feet. In most cases, they will contain a full 4-piece bathroom with roll-in shower, raised toilet, grab bars, rails, sink, cupboard, and vanity. All units will be set up with optional panic buttons, levered handles, and senior assistance gadgets to ensure complete safety.

Co-owners are encouraged to design and decorate their suites to their personal taste, using their own furniture and collectibles. Co-owners’ private space can be set up as a single or double bedroom, depending on their needs. Newly constructed units can have removable walls, which are in fact, moveable cabinets—single or double sided, the placement of which allows unique layouts to suit requirements.

Outside of the resident’s private suite, everyone shares the common areas. The kitchen is well equipped with a commercial refrigeration unit, double sinks, islands and walk-in pantry storage. Other areas may include a dining area, living room, sitting room with library, 2 piece bathroom, utility room with laundry, and common fireplace for extra ambiance and warmth. Outside, in the common courtyard, the residents will enjoy a screened in Muskoka Room and a propane barbecue for entertaining. In some homes a small greenhouse will add to the enjoyment and pleasure for those interested in horticulture.

Daily Living

This is your home and up to 4-6 members share ownership. The participation of individual members in daily activities will be unique to the dynamics of each home, and the personalities of each resident.

slide0084_image081Each participant has his or her own private space. However, if a resident desires the companionship of others, they are free to visit the library and read a book. Other activities could include shuffleboard, chess, cards, checkers, cribbage, horseshoes, and croquet. Maintaining the bird feeders might be of interest to some, but in a Solterra home, there are lots of activities or household chores to keep our homeowners busy.

An excursion into town is another option and having a car is not always necessary. The “house mom” can provide transportation for those that have given up their license, or would rather have someone chauffeur them around town!

The decisions made at monthly meetings regarding shopping lists, budgets, concerns, or household issues are made by the co-owners and their families. Solterra management and staff are there to help and to ensure all daily needs are addressed—they offer support for the homeowners, but do not interfere with their daily lives.

Friends and families are invited to visit as often as they are able including weekends, holidays, or special occasions. Many homes have a guest room to accommodate your guests.

Operations within a Home

In a Solterra home, co-owners establish a “House Committee” in which everyone participates in developing policies and standards regarding daily life in the home. Solterra’s Shared Ownership Guiding Principles provide a roadmap for a joint decision-making process, and regular household meetings are encouraged to ensure active participation of all owners. As members of the residential family, everyone has a voice. Typically, house rules address issues such as: pet ownership, parking, security, emergency procedures, repairs and maintenance, hospitality services, companionship services, assistance with medication reminders, assistance with daily living, transportation services, escorts to appointments and doctor visits, recreational activities, and anything else they can come up with.

Co-owners share the expenses for: heat, hydro, taxes, water, sewage, propane, insurance, and general household costs (including staffing). Residents are required to participate in scheduled meetings to manage the household operating budget.